Turning Ideas into Exits™


RadHash empowers anyone with an idea to take their shot at entrepreneurship

Agents of Change

We believe that innovation can strike anywhere and come from anyone regardless of background, social status, education, or stage in life and that with more opportunities, and more freedom anyone with an idea can take their shot at entrepreneurship.

RadHash eliminates the velvet ropes and handshake deals that, traditionally, have been extended only to a privileged few. Through the power of automation, simple no-code tools, and affordable resources, we believe that the next "killer app" will come from what some would call, an unlikely place.


RadHash Origins


RadHash began as a framework to build platforms fast and became a solution to change the way startups are made



Year Founded

RadHash is the culmination of 21 years of experience by a 4x founder with over $6B in market value created.


Digital Assets

RadHash is comprised of over 100 composable components, no-code apps, and automation workflows.


Build Hours

The RadHash team has invested over 20k hours into technology, infrastructure, and data security.



RadHash is debt-free with a clean cap table and owns 100% of its IP with over $2M in personal founder funding.

Building the Future Together


Leadership Team

Working together to democratize entrepreneurship

Astor West

CEO | RadHash


A visionary entrepreneur and strategist, Astor is known for her pioneering contributions to the modern web. As the Technical Founder & Business Strategist of RadHash, she has demonstrated exceptional skills in technology and business operations.

Lincoln West J.D.

CFO | RadHash


An exceptional startup CFO and talented New York Licensed attorney, Lincoln is a unique blend of financial acumen and legal expertise bringing dynamic capabilities in navigating complex regulatory landscapes and crafting meticulous financial strategies. 

Anuar Carvajal 

Data Engineer | RadHash


With over 20 years of diverse experience, Anuar is exceptional in architecting and implementing innovative database and business intelligence solutions with extensive experience in analytics, dashboards, and planning applications.

Christian Bell

Prototype Engineer | RadHash


Christian embodies the RadHash mission. Starting as a part-time admin Christian has grown into a talented graphic artist excelling in UX, animation, video, production, editing, and creation.



Professional Services

Helping shape the next generation of startups

Anebi Agbo 🚀

Director of Product | ULedger
Advisor RadHash


The Product Guild | The Inflection Podcast | Ex-Amex, Zelle "I have spent the last decade building companies and working with various organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500 to build data-driven products and high-performance teams" - Anebi Agbo.

John Nordin

Startup Investing | Independent Angel Investor
Advisor RadHash
32 years in IT -18 years as CIO/VP/SVP CEO of two SAAS companies 10 years Angel Investing - 31 startups - 41 investment rounds - Board Member - Advisor.

Shalini Sitaraman Menezes

Founder | Patented Network & MG IP
Advisor RadHash


I help you protect your IP and monetize it. Mother to two awesome boys and wife to the coolest guy.

Kevin Withane (FRSA)

Lawyer | Investor | DE&I Advocate | Non-Executive Director | RSA Fellow
Advisor RadHash


Kevin is the Founder and Managing Partner of Diversity X, a community and VC firm in the making that supports underestimated founders solving real-world problems and making a positive impact in their communities and the world.


Putting people back in charge of payment processing

Denise Dallas

Co-Founder | Loop HRH – Sales & Strategic partnerships.
Advisor RadHash


Ms. Dallas is the co-founder of Loop and High-Risk Holdings. Denise’s mission is to change the way that payments are processed through data-driven “cloud-based” integrated SaaS payment software solutions.

Fiona Walshe

Co-Founder | Loop HRH
Advisor RadHash


Ms. Walshe is a proven entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience as a certified payment professional. She has built and owned several independent sales organizations and holds an MBA in Finance.

Data & Security

Building secure development and data infrastructures

Laura Riley

CEO | Cloud Underground
Advisor RadHash


Empowering Businesses with Cloud Technology. "I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs and business leaders take control of their time" - Laura Riley.

Nato Riley

CFO | Cloud Underground
Advisor RadHash


Financial Planning Expert 👨🏾‍💼 I help leaders achieve complex and costly technology outcomes 🛰️ LEO Satellite Engineering 🪐 DevSecOps Venture Capitalist 👨🏾‍💻 👾Hacker

Brian Greene

CTO | HMD Labs
Advisor RadHash


As the CTO and Co-Founder of HMD Labs, I lead a talented team of engineers to deliver a new user experience and a leap in the extraction of value from data.

Social Impact

Creating a more equitable and sustainable future together

Tonie Snell Guajardo

Stealth - Founder - Tech - Social Impact | Mela Holdings
Advisor RadHash


Mindful Innovation: We constantly explore the intersection of technology, identity and social impact, pushing the boundaries of what's possible to create meaningful change.

John (JDJensen) Jensen

Chairman Of The Board | Carbon Offset Project Registry at Prolific -fund
Advisor RadHash


Together, we're not only seeking profitable returns, but also aiming for a greater purpose – one that encompasses environmental stewardship, innovation, and social responsibility. Our journey is a testament to the power of collaboration and the potential of conscious investments.

Tiffany Chase

Co-Chairwoman | Carbon Offset Project Registry at Prolific -fund
Advisor RadHash


My ultimate goal is to cultivate a company culture that values and prioritizes sufficient data utilization, prioritizes regulatory compliance over profit, and prioritizes collaboration over competition. I envision my corporation as a dynamic ecosystem of diverse individuals and innovative ideas that actively seek to challenge the status quo. 

Karen Chase

Co-Chairwoman | Carbon Offset Project Registry at Prolific -fund
Advisor RadHash


I leverage my military background and expertise in a structured delegation to effectively rally my team into action and achieve the goals set forth by the Board. I also draw upon my extensive knowledge of environmental science to collaborate with the Co-Chairs to establish best practices that ensure an environmentally sustainable impact.

Government Relations

Working with legislative and government bodies to expand initiatives

Kevin Thompson

Commissioner | Arizona Corporation Commission
Principal | Broadmore Consulting
Advisor RadHash


As the Principal for Broadmore Consulting, Kevin develops winning business development strategies and navigates government for clients. Kevin has developed a vast network that includes community leaders; congressional, local, county, and state elected officials, and staff members across Arizona.
Current - Committee on Electricity by NARUC
Former Councilmember, City of Mesa 01/2015-01/2023
Past President - Arizona Municipal Water Users Association
Past Chair - City of Mesa Sustainability & Transportation Committee
Past Chair - NLC's Community & Economic Development Committee
Past Member - City of Mesa Public Safety Committee
Past Member - League of Arizona Cities Economic Development Committee
Past Member - League of Arizona Cities Audit & Finance Committee
Past Member - American Public Gas Association Government Relations Committee
Member - Mesa Chamber of Commerce Defense and Industry Council
Past Chair - City of Mesa Self Insurance Trust Fund Board

Join the 1 Million Moonshot Mission


Our goal is to launch 1 Million Moonshots by 2030 Worldwide




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